Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sky Clicks

Perhaps this is the reason why man always wanted to fly. He wanted to reign over this endless stretch of pure serenity with broken bits of blue everywhere.

Alright, I really wanted to step out of the aircraft

Felt like someone was calling me

I would have jumped if it wasn’t for them ladies in uniform

The celestial nymphs were actually seducing me! An explosion of light when they wink!!

This was when we said our goodbyes. Shades of the desk!

An Everlasting memory


Sona;-) said...

Words of heart speak insanity,but truth

Binita Singh said...

Beautiful pictures !!! Mind is blown.

Alan Maria Jose said...

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SUNANDAM said...

Be an inheritor of creativity.Ur grandma used to give up wtevr work she did to scribble down the lines that came to her mind in the midst of house hold works.All the best dear.